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in twine. >> alleged n.s.a. driving shows the phone calls of 60 million in spain were tapped into after reports of spying in germany as well as france. >> from the similar storm: it is much calmer. the winds will return but not so fast as last night. i will show you the gusts by region. i will show you the chance a stray shower the next 24 to 48 hours coming up in the seven-day outlook just ahead. >> look at the bay bridge toll plaza: winds are a factor on the golden gate bridge and the altamont pass at this hour. we have an accident reported in the santa cruz mountains coming up in a few minutes. >> in beijing, three people were killed when the driver of an s.u.v. slammed and a crowd in china's famous tiananmen square. police say the crash happened at noon today near the entrance to the forbid were city. witnesses say the vehicle caught fire. 11 people were taken to hospitals including a number of tourists and police officers. tiananmen square is one of the most guarded areas of beijing and is the site of a deadly confrontation between government forces and demonstrators in 1989. >> ha
with the department. >> top executives the google are outraged that they and yahoo have been hacked by the n.s.a. according to the "washington post". the n.s.a. secretly broke into the main communications links connecting data centers around the world belonging to google and yahoo. the documents say the government intercepted 180 million records over the span of 30 days including e-mails and video and more. both google and yahoo were unaware this was happening. >> if you are looking ahead to trick-or-treating time, we will see what the day will look like. >> it will be sunny, bright, warm, with significantly above temperatures than year. we are warmer if san francisco with 40's around ocean beach and morest hill and everyone else in the low 50's until portrero hill at 53, and through the ferry building it is 54 and headed to downtown, it is 50 degrees. that is what it is in the financial district, cool in petaluma and american canyon is the cool spot at 36 and 47 in richmond and san leandro 48, and santa clara is 42 and young city is 41 and walnut creek is 49 and pleasanton is 43. that is the sp
the continued fallout over the latest implications of nsa spying. you can catch it right here on abc7 at 8:00. >>> more than a year after 17-year-old trayvon martin was fatally shot by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman, the city where it happened, samford, florida, is rolling out a revamped neighborhood watch program. the samford police department will outline the changes tuesday during a community meeting. revisions include restricting volunteers from carrying firearms, and from pursuing suspects. as you know, zimmerman was acquitted of a second degree murder charge back in july. >>> the cal palace in daly city is expected to be packed again today with people attending one of the country's biggest gun shows. it's sponsored by the crossroads of the west. organizers say they do everything by the book and gun owners appreciate it. >> they won't even let me get a 30 round for my a. r. or nothing. and it's not even 30 rounds, it's ten rounds. everything is legal in there, so why not? >> we have a huge population of shooters out here and we need a venue to go in and buy the things w
to activate suddenly. google's chairman is sharply criticizing the government's n.s.a. over spying allegations telling the "wall street journal" if it is true it is outrageous the government broke into the communications link site that connects centers around the world and calls this "potentially illegal." the futures are pointing higher after a higher close on friday and the silicon valley index went slightly lower. >> new luxury s.u.v. like royalty are fond of, the new black s.u.v. from range rover. 100 of them will be sold in the united states starting at $165,000. it is 8" long we than the regular rover that has rear seat s that recline. dunkin' donuts is rolling out two new seasonal offerings, the red velvet latte and a salted carmel hot chocolate as they try to lure more and more traffic. >> today environmental protection agency officials will raise 105' sunken boat from an estuary and other sunken vessels and debris taking place from 3:00 to 5:00 this afternoon am made. >> $800 million casino will open in the north bay, tomorrow, off highway 101. it will have a few california touches in
sharewoman senator feinstein is calling for a review of all intelligence allegations over n.s.a. spy on angela merkel and she was not told. her committee was not satisfactorily informed that certain surveillance had been in effect if more than a decade. president obama was also not informed. a senior administration official says the united states is considering ending spying against allied holds and an internal review continues. >> after 15 years and millions in sales, tiger woods and electronic arts are splitting up. they say it was a mutual decision and not triggered by the fall intermediate over wood' affairs. this is the late fest a string of big companies that did not renew their deals with tiger woods including at&t and gatorade and more. neither tiger woods or his agent have commented. >> hostess assets are up for auction in the business news. >> good morning, apple shares are higher after posting results for the quarter. investors wants to see what comes of the meeting starting today with sales and home prices coming shortly. that is how the future is look ing. wal-mart has p
. congress was told by the n.s.a. that nations spy on each other and calls it a long-time practice in intelligence. officials are unanimous in saying they are ready to see if the scope of spying remains necessary a dozen years after the attacks of september 11th. >> making a statement or just lewd? the fight now headed to the supreme court over a campaign to fight breast cancer. analysts say we are in the middle of a worldwide wine shortage. >> slavery controversy: a lawmaker said he would vote for slavely and now prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. >>> more people are enjoying wine but this is not enough to keep up. there were 300 million cases made last year, down 5 percent from the year before, the lowest level sin the mid-50's. there was bad weather in average attend and france and there are more wipe makers in the united states but most of boutique operators who do not have a big impact on supplies. >> many were disappointed after a promotion in san francisco, seattle and new york after a taxi ser
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6